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About Us

Dr. Pál Fél, Urology Specialist

dr Pal Fel, head of department, specialist in urologyAfter finishing my studies at gymnasium in 1961, I succeeded in gaining entry to the Szeged Medical University.
In 1967, I graduated with a first class honours medical degree.
In October 1971, I took the urology residency.
In 1976, at the Dombovar Hospital, I was promoted to chief registrar of the urology ward.
After establishing ordinary urology foundations, we introduced modern endourology and radical tumour surgical intervention.
I attended numerous training courses (in endourology, laparoscopy, urological tumors, renal calculum, andorology and erectile dysfunction) both in Hungary and abroad.
I belong to the Hungarian Urology Association and I have been elected as a senior board member over several terms.
In addition, I was a member of the Urology Collegium for 3 terms.
I was also assigned to the editorial room of the Hungarian Urology Magazine.
I am a member of the Hungarian Urology Association Uro-Oncology Section, the Hungarian Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and the Hungarian Medical Chamber.

Furthermore, since April 2008, I have been providing weekly outpatient surgery and consultancy in Dombóvár.

Since September 2009, I have been practising urology consultancy and outpatient surgery in Budapest district 5. in the Hercegprimas street surgery (BLESZ).

Since January 2011, I have been working as a consultant urologist at Medicover Zrt.

Dr. Tamás Fél, Urology Specialist

dr. Tamas Fel, consultant, specialist in urologyIn 1996, I graduated from Szent- Györgyi Albert Medical University. Thoughout my years at university, I carried out scientific research work at the Szeged Gynecology Clinic investigating solutions for endometriosis surgery. In my fourth year, I spent a semester at the Göttingeni University in Germany where I also sat exams.

Upon my return to the University in Szeged, I became the president of the Student Union General Medical Council and I participated in Univeristy Council work.
During my studies, I worked in German clinics on several occasions, where I completed most of my medical placements (Göttingen, Heidelberg).

After graduating, I started to work in Budapest in the South Pest Hospital Urology Ward.

In 2000, I attended a 3 month laparoscopic training course at the Heidelber University Teaching Clinic in Heilbronn.

In 2002, I commenced work at the Szent Janos Hospital and I also took my accredited residency.

Throughout my work, I learnt general urology diagnostics and the use of ultrasound.
The highlight of my experience was being able to effectively treat urological infections and being able to work on treatment for benign prostate disease.

I am a member of the Hungarian Urology Association and a Hungarian Endourology Association.
I speak fluent English and I have an intermediate level of German.
I also have the GCP exam.

Scientific developments:

  • Hungarian (nationwide) congress lectures (9 occasions)
  • Oral presentation at international congress (1 occasion)
  • Poster presentation at international congress (european and world congress 2 occasions)
  • Hungarian publications (4 occacions)
  • International publications (2 occasions)